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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a service provided by Licensed Physical Therapists or Physical Therapists Assistants, under the direction of the licensed Physical Therapist. They assess the physical capabilities and limitations of the patient. They also design personalized home exercise programs to meet individual patient’s rehabilitative goals. These may include development and restoration of muscles, etc.

Our Physical Therapists are well trained and are constantly updated in the latest therapy techniques and mobility aide devices to effectively perform the following services:

  • Development of Therapeutic Exercise Program
  • Balance/Coordination Training
  • Increase in Mobility and Ambulation
  • Pain Management
  • Prevention of disability following diseases or loss of extremities
  • Teaching and training on the safe use of assistive devices
  • Wheelchair Training
  • Weight-Bearing Activity Training
  • Gait/Transfer Training
  • Safety Education
  • Anodyne Therapy
  • TENS

You can recover mobility and strength with our team. We can do this together with your desire to get on with life.

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